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Kanye West has been suspended from Instagram for 24 hours

The ban comes after the rapper violated the platform’s policies on hate speech, bullying and harassment

  • Becky Buckle
  • 19 March 2022
Kanye West has been suspended from Instagram for 24 hours

Kanye West has had his Instagram account suspended for 24 hours after breaking the social media platform’s policies on hate speech, bullying and harassment.

According to TMZ, the suspension was due to an image posted by Kanye which displayed a Google search on Trevor Noah with a caption including racial slurs.

Trevor Noah had commented on West’s current situation with Kim Kardashian on an episode of The Daily Show that aired this week.

Kanye’s post has since been deleted from his profile and the suspension means that he is currently unable to post, comment, message or interact on Instagram for 24-hours.

Responding to Kanye’s post The Wrap have reported that Noah commented: “Clearly some people graduate but we still stupid. Don’t ever forget, the biggest trick racists ever played on black people was teaching us to strip each other of our blackness whenever we disagree. Tricking us into dividing ourselves up into splinters so that we would never unite into a powerful rod.”

Kanye still has a remaining four out of the eight posts on his Instagram that are aimed at his ex-wife Kim Kardashian’s current partner, Pete Davidson who he refers to as ‘Skete’.

One post includes the statement that Kanye’s “really concerned that SKETE will get my kids mom hooked on drugs” because “he’s in rehab every two months”.

Becky Buckle is Mixmag's Digital Intern, follow her on Twitter
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