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Jess Connelly's new single strikes a chord with dance music fans

B.Lewis is credited with producing 'EXPECT'

  • Elaine Chung
  • 13 August 2020
Jess Connelly's new single strikes a chord with dance music fans

Manila-based indie R&B songstress Jess Connelly strikes a new chord amongst dance music fans with her new single ‘EXPECT’ that's full of house stylings. The sultry number was produced by B.Lewis, a producer who is known for his collaborations and remixes of Kehlani, Snakehips, Falcons, Goldlink and Jazz Cartier.

With the superstar producer on deck, Connelly's voice is still the focus of the track but is elevated by B.Lewis rippling multi-layered R&B. The narrative tells a story about unrequited love where you don’t ‘EXPECT’ to get the same feelings back from the other half even after devoting yourself. Much of Connelly's past music is echoes this mood as well as her fascination with sentimental lyricism.

The Aussie-Filipino singer has been quiet as of late but she's long been known as an emerging talent from Southeast Asia. Connelly previously released a collaborative EP called ‘How I Love’ in 2016 with a Filipino producer CRWN who had recreated ‘K.K House’ from Animal Crossing as his latest quarantine work in early June.

For a change, let’s appreciate these emerging artists that are slowly reshaping what the mainstream listens to by creating their own aesthetics and genres — Jess Connelly is a shining example of that. Listen to her latest track ‘EXPECT’ below.