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Japan: Liquid Drop Groove presents EDEN Festival

Saturday-Sunday, June 29-30, 2024

  • Liquid Drop Groove
  • 4 June 2024
Japan: Liquid Drop Groove presents EDEN Festival

Event: Liquid Drop Groove presents EDEN Festival
Date: Saturday-Sunday, June 29-30, 2024
Organisers: Liquid Drop Groove
City/Country: Kawaba/Japan
Venue: Kawaba Ski Resort, Kawaba Kogen, Kawaba-mura, Tone-gun, Gunma-Pref. 378-0101, Japan
Line-Up: Akuma no numa, DJ Maria, DJ Yazi, DOLTZ (Live), Dorisburg, Konduku, Takaaki Itoh, Tammo Hesselink, Tauceti, Tobias. and Kuniyuki (Live collaboration), Yuta & Zemög
- Phase 1: JPY12,000
- Phase 2: JPY15,000
- Sunday: JPY10,000 (Entry from 9am on Sunday)
- U-23: JPY10,000
- Auto Camp: JPY3,000
- VIP Camp: JPY5,000

Tickets available here.

EDEN happens once every two years, and this upcoming event will be the fourth.

This year's theme is a 25-hour non-stop marathon rave that fully showcases the current sound of the label-slash-organiser, Liquid Drop Groove.

The venue is Kawaba Village in Gunma Prefecture. Passing through a tranquil rural landscape, the festival will take place at Kawaba Ski Resort, located at an altitude of 1300 meters in the middle of the Hotaka mountain range, which has spectacular natural views.

The festival will feature a different approach from the previous one, condensed into one night, with the world's first live collaboration between Tobias. and Kuniyuki.

Three international artists will be making their Japan debut; Zemög from Colombia, who is a connoisseur of hypnotic techno, Tammo Hesselink who has released a handful of fantastic tracks on Delsin Records, and Tauceti from Non Series who is a master of groovy techno.

There will be a total of six international artists, including Dorisburg, a veteran who is well-known in Japan and needs no explanation, plus the upcoming and exciting artist, Konduku.

Japan will be represented by pioneering names such as Takaaki Itoh, DJ Yazi and DJ Maria, plus DOLTZ whose music released on Bitta has created tremendous feedback.

EDEN will also invite Akuma no Numa, which many have been waiting to experience outdoors, alongside Yuta who’s known to indulge in the unconventional.

With a total of 12 artists, EDEN will be an epic 25-hour experience.

The soundsystem will be provided by d&b Audiotechnik, and the shape of the triangular stage will be the distinctive feature of EDEN, complete with hypnotising lasers and video productions.

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