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Jakarta: SALA and Sunset People Project present Jimpster

Friday, 15 September, 2023

  • SALA & Sunset People Project
  • 10 September 2023
Jakarta: SALA and Sunset People Project present Jimpster

Event: SALA and Sunset People Project present Jimpster
Date: Friday, 15 September, 2023
City/Country: Jakarta, Indonesia
Venue: Fos, Park Regis Arion, Jl. Kemang Raya mo. 7, Jakarta Selatan
Line-up: Jimpster, Dhika, Finish, Indra7, Masguna, Reno Renatama, Ridwan G, Sergio Berlino
Visuals: Adxita
Organisers: Sunset People Project, SALA

Having been a pivotal figure in the house scene since the late '80s, Jamie Odell, professionally known as Jimpster, has a passion for house music that runs deep. From his first love of tracks like "Strings of Life" to establishing himself as a revered artist with his seminal LP 'Messages From The Hub', Jimpster's journey is a testament to his commitment to the genre. His releases, whether it's the evocative 'English Rose' or the groove-laden 'Can't Stop Loving', have been a staple for DJs worldwide. With performances that have lit up global stages from New York's Output to Tokyo's Womb, Jimpster's fire for producing and playing exquisite house tracks still burns with an intensity that's hard to match.

Sunset People Project: Dance Floor Good Times

Pioneering the 'Sunday Party' trend among Jakarta's vibrant party-goers, Sunset People Project has become synonymous with unforgettable dance experiences. With nearly seven years in the mix, their events go beyond typical parties; they're a heartfelt tribute to the electronic dance music scene and the creative minds powering it. Awarded the 'Serial Event of The Year' accolade by Paranoia Awards on two occasions, Sunset People Project is a seal of guaranteed good times on the dance floor.

SALA: Beats Beyond Borders

Originating from an idea in a "Living Room", SALA's vision has always been about uniting people. Beyond just being a DJ collective and event promoter, SALA is a community where individuals, irrespective of their background, come together to celebrate, dance, and connect. Through a mesmerizing blend of house, techno, and immersive visuals, SALA has swiftly risen as a pivotal name in Jakarta's vibrant dance music scene.

This collaboration between SALA and Sunset People Project, underscored by the sounds of Jimpster, forecasts an evening that's bound to captivate every guest.

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