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​Jaguar launches a brand new podcast, UTOPIA Talks

Sama’ Abdulhadi, SHERELLE, The Blessed Madonna & Jayda G will all step on to the show

  • Gemma Ross
  • 2 July 2021
​Jaguar launches a brand new podcast, UTOPIA Talks

Jaguar is bringing a new podcast, UTOPIA Talks, to Spotify, Apple, and Acast this month.

The London-based DJ and presenter of the BBC Introducing Dance show announced the news of her new podcast on Twitter this morning.

Partnering with podcast production company Stak, who have previously helped to curate Football Ramble and Jaackmaate’s Happy Hour, Jaguar’s new show will be streamed globally from Wednesday, June 30.

The weekly podcast will explore the themes that the presenter holds close, from empowering voices in the world of dance music to expanding her tastes and dipping her toes into the newest music.

“I want to live in a more inclusive, equal world, and I hope this podcast becomes a springboard for further discussion, builds a community and helps create change,” she says on the new show. The first episode of UTOPIA Talks will take us back to the dancefloor with a take on the return to raving.

Featuring The Blessed Madonna, Jayda G, Lauren Lo Sung, and Heidi, who all performed at Liverpool’s The First Dance pilot event in March, the DJ’s will discuss the power of reuniting and the importance of live music.

Following episodes are due to host the likes of Sama’ Abdulhadi, SHERELLE, Queer House Party and more.

“I'm delighted to bring my podcast UTOPIA Talks into the world! My generation is passionate about creating change and breaking boundaries, and this podcast is a space for in-depth, meaty conversations about issues in dance music culture and the wider world,” says the presenter.

Jaguar also recently founded Future1000, an initiative to provide opportunities to women, trans and non-binary people working in the music industry. Available for those aged 12-18, the course teaches students to create electronic music and gives them a boost into the industry.

Watch a clip of UTOPIA Talks below.

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