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Indonesian brand Elhaus unveils a cyberpunk inspired collection

Manga and sci-fi comics never stop inspiring cutting edge street fashion

  • Salomé Grouard
  • 21 May 2020
Indonesian brand Elhaus unveils a cyberpunk inspired collection

Jakarta-based brand Elhaus is well-known for its retro sci-fi collections. They previously reinvented the cowboy concept in their FW2019 seasonal range, reminding us of the space cowboys motif from cyberpunk animations like Cowboy Bepop. The brand also showed these preferences during their SS17 collection when they reworked Japanese military pieces and adapted them to modern times — a true dystopian travel through time. Continuing in that retro sci-fi theme, for their SS2020 collection, Elhaus went with themes ranging from extraterrestrial human-like monsters all the way through to CNC machines for its future-forward collection.

According to the Elhaus website, the vision for the collection centres around “a continuous fractal space-filling mechanism called Hilbert’s Curve” (the Hilbert Curve is a continuous space-filling curve named after German mathematician David Hilbert in 1891). Several artists helped bring this idea to life, and their retro sci-fi-indebted prints have been emblazoned onto t-shirts, jackets and pants in black, white and very earthy colours like army green. The seasonal range is made of durable ripstop, handmade waffle fabric and biodegradable lyocell adorned with adjustable buckles, shawl lapels, patched pockets and an altogether patchwork-like aesthetic....because Earth’s resources may not be abundant in this dystopian universe.

Surabaya-based artist Dwiky KA illustrated the lookbook in his signature sci-fi style, which is as creative as it is captivating. Since the collection is called 'Empty Room', his visual accompaniment follows a narrative created by Adriel x Tangan Besi where humans and complex pre-programmed machines merge into hybrid beings.

Elhaus is an Indonesian brand launched in Jakarta in 2010 that’s become known for collections with utilitarian sensibilities that mix effortlessly alongside traditional street style. Its focus is on products that are clean and timeless, and that use modern and traditional techniques and materials. The brand has made waves around the world and is regularly picked up by Hypebeast.

You can shop the collection here.

[Via Hypebeast]