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​Ibiza bans late-night alcohol sales and threatens fines in new tourism clampdown

Alcohol will not be permitted for sale after 9:30PM to “curb excessive tourism”

  • 14 May 2024
​Ibiza bans late-night alcohol sales and threatens fines in new tourism clampdown

A reiterated decree passed in the Balearic Islands is set to clampdown on drinking habits among tourists.

The tightened law - which bans the sale of alcohol after 9:30PM - came into effect on Saturday, May 11, in a bid to curb “excessive tourism” in both Ibiza and Mallorca.

Total prohibition between 9:30PM and 8:AM will be enforced in party areas on both islands, including Palma and Magaluf in Mallorca, and San Antonio in Ibiza. The ban does not apply to bars, restaurants, and clubs.

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The decree looks to crack down on rowdiness and excessive drinking in popular tourist locations. Those caught offending or drinking outside of permitted areas are subject to fines of up to €1,500 (£1,290), the BBC reported.

The number of sanctions taken against tourists are set to be counted and submitted to respective embassies. Areas affected have also been modified at the request of local authorities.

The law also stops boat parties from entering one nautical mile of any affected area and will prohibit them from picking anyone up or dropping them off at those locations.

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New restrictions toughen up a decree originally passed in 2020 in a bid to curb “anti-social behaviour”. Balearic Islands Tourism Council press officer Luis Pomar said at the time that he hoped the law would not be needed come 2024 if “we instil in people how to behave”.

Restrictions will remain in place until at least December 2027. The law has been criticised by some businesses who have said that tourists will just drink in neighbouring areas instead, Sky News reports.

The Balearic government said in 2020 that the introduction of this decree would mark the first time the sale of alcohol in tourist areas has been restricted in Europe.

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