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Audio Asia: electronic jazz alchemy on Hoshina Anniversary's fusionist meditation 'Shin Sekai'

Breathtaking sonics meet masterful instrumentation on this exquisite album track


  • Patrizio Cavaliere
  • 4 May 2021
Audio Asia: electronic jazz alchemy on Hoshina Anniversary's fusionist meditation 'Shin Sekai'

Title: Shin Sekai
Artist: Hoshina Anniversary
Label: ESP Institute
Release Date: May 14

Hoshina Anniversary continues his lifelong fusionist expedition into abstract musical realms with the release of his new 'Jomon' long-player on ESP Institute. The skilled Tokyo-based artist returns to Lovefinger's acclaimed label following two exquisite EP releases via the fold in a little over a year, and his latest offering maintains the breathtaking sonic standard throughout its 14 track duration.

Throughout his body of work, Hoshina routinely deviates between styles, and eras, regularly journeying through jazz, drone, deep house and abstract electronica while embracing bygone Japanese aesthetics en-route to forging his self-styled 'watechno' sound. 'Jomon' carries on this delightful experimentation with glorious intention, dazzling throughout as it meanders in tone and texture, along the way surprising and hypnotising in equal measure. Highlights are many, and each listen reveals hidden textures and aural surprises. Of the more floor-focussed tracks, we find the determined 4/4 charge of stripped acid cut 'Nakasora', the deviant house energy and idiosyncratic lead of 'Sadacho No Netori', and the distorted techno haze of 'Tougenkyo'. More introspective in tone are the Sakamoto-esque electro fusionism of 'Tanabata Monogatari', the haunting soundscapes of title track 'Jomon', and the darkly playful melodies of 'Yamatouta'.

Unfortunately, we could only pick one solitary track to share, and the difficult choice was made to feature the outstanding alchemy of 'Shin Sekai'. Bubbling analogue bass permeates layer upon layer of jazz-infused keyboard virtuosity, complex chords evolve effortlessly as delicate waves intensify and dissipate, as rolling toms guide the way through the faintly disorienting path. The music is captivating from the first bar to the last, and once again Hoshina demonstrates a flair for composition and a musical ability that is uncommonly cultured set against the bulk of the dance repertoire. Truly outstanding work.

Hoshina Anniversary 'Jomon' is out May 14 via ESP Institute. You can listen and buy it here

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