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​‘Heavyweight’ is a 4-round knockout by Hong Kong-based producer Cassius Select

The EP is out today on Banoffee Pies Records

  • Zita Chan
  • 4 December 2020
​‘Heavyweight’ is a 4-round knockout by Hong Kong-based producer Cassius Select

‘Heavyweight’ is best described by its namesake — the four-tracker EP by Hong Kong-based Cassius Select drops today on Bristolian label Banoffee Pies Records.

It’s heady and grimey, and laden with intricate percussive sounds that keep your ears perked, while your knees get wobbly off cheeky sub-level bass lines and old-school rave sonic memorabilia.

Cassius Select, who formerly dished up under the moniker FAKE, used to be based between Australia and Canada, before finally settling closer to his family roots in Hong Kong not so long ago. Lavurn Lee, as he’s known to his Chinese parents, has been on the Banoffee radar for some time now, having been previously noticed on labels like Matthew Herbert’s Accidental Records, JNR, Hypercolour and a handful more imprints who take their appreciation for that London sounds seriously — basically all things broken beat from techno to hip hop.

‘Heavyweight’ starts off with a more tactical approach by way of ‘Born to Defence’ on the A1, which gives us an introduction to Lee’s punchy drum work, but also serves as a mood setter for what’s to come on the EP. Sifting through the next three tracks A2, B1 and B2, a notion of consistent delivery of incremental doses of percussive work is most noticeable. ‘Honda Civic’ on the A2 is more of a hybrid of pulsating techno and grime, whilst ‘Sicko Groove’ and ‘Guia Circuit’ deliver more energetic tech-prone drivers that serve as perfect B-side flavours.

Cassius Select ‘Heavyweight’ is out now on Banoffee Pies Records. You can buy and listen here.

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