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Gold Suite's remix of Residentes Balearicos' 'Juno's Dream' echoes of twilight skies

The Balearic/Balinese nexus exemplified in breathtaking style on the 'Viajes Organizados' EP

  • Patrizio Cavaliere
  • 22 February 2022
Gold Suite's remix of Residentes Balearicos' 'Juno's Dream' echoes of twilight skies

Bali-based artist Joey 'Gold Suite' Fitzgerald has been in dazzling form of late, and his most recent remix effort magnificently evokes the soul-soothing energy of sunset skies. Reworking Ibiza-based Italian outfit Residentes Balearicos' gorgeous 'Juno's Dream', the DJ, producer, and musician adds a subtle new string to his ever-expanding studio bow.

Thanks to a series of exquisite releases over the last year or so, the burgeoning artist has found his production skills in increasingly high demand. His latest effort sees him invited to join the ranks of Brighton-based Higher Love Records, drafted in alongside Manchester's sundown maestro James Bright to complete a watertight four-track EP.

Italian duo Luca Averna and Ale Doretto have themselves been turning heads with their spectacular studio offerings, notching up releases on labels including Music For Dreams, Sirsounds, Archipelago, among many others. The 'Viajes Organizados' EP opens with the low-slung chug of 'D110', rolling through waves of shimmering synths, sub-heavy bass, and thick, four/four drums. James Bright then re-imagines the track through a dream-inducing lens, staying true to the intention of the original while embellishing the cut with gently psychedelic overdubs for a masterclass in tripped-out sunset vibrations. Next, the heads-down strut of 'Juno's Dream' is primed for saucer-eyed dancefloor manoeuvres, with deviant synth lines meandering and intertwining for a mysterious twilight meditation. Finally, Gold Suite steps in with his hypnotic remix. Building over loose-limbed percussion, the mesmerising track sees undulating chords blend with glistening synth lines over propulsive bass, ebbing and flowing before life-affirming pads rise in for a blissed-out sunset crescendo.

Residentes Balearicos is out now on Higher Love Records, you can buy it here