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You can now take a GCSE exam in DJing

Graded exams and certifications for DJing have been laid out in a new syllabus

  • 13 September 2020
You can now take a GCSE exam in DJing

You can now get graded at DJing as part of a music GCSE qualification, with graded exams and certifications laid out in a new syllabus published by FutureDJs and the London College of Music Examiners.

FutureDJs is an educational initiative founded in 2016 by Austen and Scott Smart, also known as the DJ and production duo Austen/Scott. The brothers have been campaigning for DJing to be involved in formal education for years.

Previous success include getting DJ decks recognised as an instrument for GCSE assessment and helping to write the curriculum for a DJ course for school students to take as part of a music GCSE.

Now a syllabus is in place that provides a national standard for grading DJing, equivalent to the marking for classic and jazz instruments such as piano and saxophone.

Three tiers of the qualification are offered for beginner to accomplished levels: Debut, Breakthrough and Artist.

Grading will be assessed on techniques such as scratching, beat juggling, looping and beat matching, as well as track selection and developing a personal style.

There will also be aural tests, learning about electronic music sounds and distinguishing between styles such as dubstep and 2-step.

Speaking to the Guardian, Sandra Allan of exam board AQA said the aim of the syllabus is “allowing more accessibility and diversity, giving students opportunity they may not have considered before now”.

Pioneer DJ are providing a pair of CDJs for each school that signs up for FutureDJs’ teaching.

Goldie, Ghetts, Tiffany Calver, Jaguar, Danny Howard, WhyJay and more are among those offering free music lessons with FutureDJs to inspire more children to get into music.

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