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For My People: Feedasoul Records release fundraiser EP for Beirut blast victims

The Lebanese label spreading love through the power of music

  • Patrizio Cavaliere
  • 5 October 2020
For My People: Feedasoul Records release fundraiser EP for Beirut blast victims

Byblos-based deep house label Feedasoul have been busily releasing carefully curated grooves since their 2016 inception, managing to maintain a high-quality threshold in the process of unleashing over 40 titles and counting. With an impressive catalogue that tends to focus on a pure, vintage house sound, the label has offered a platform to home-grown Lebanese producers as well as respected international artists.

Following the devastation caused by the explosion of 2700 tonnes of “improperly stored” ammonium nitrate in Beirut on August 4 this year, when, tragically, 200 people lost their lives and a further 300,000 lost their homes, the label felt duty-bound to do what they could to assist in the relief effort. Music has always proved to be a unifying force in times of struggle and adversity, so the Feedasoul crew felt there was no better way to raise funds and awareness than by releasing an essential EP in the name of helping to rebuild their country's capital.

After reaching out to some of the artists they most revere for contributions, the team were thrilled with the response. All of the music on 'For My People (I Want You To Get Together)' has been donated for free and in the name of love, and the sounds assembled are of a genuinely impressive standard.

First up on 'Lost For Words', Manchester-based Contours serves a dreamy percussive journey over floating pads and soothing synth work. Next, Londoner Ben Hauke delivers 'Top It Off' – a dusty, hip-house hybrid, replete with jazzy chords, heavy bass and energetic vocal licks. Footshooter breaks up the rhythm to turn out a lively dance-ready number on 'Ladywell (Reflections)', where huge chord stabs supply the hook as the cut bumps along under distant vocals and delicate top lines. On 'Romantically Self Destruct,' Byblos' very own Patch and Papa Soul represent in fine style, as introspective pads glide over a snappy house track. Finally UK-based Soul Groove brings some serious vibe on the heavy Latin percussion of 'Ashburnham Jazz', where smokey chords and atmospheric vocal samples help set the mood before the lead sax takes control.

Whether for the music contained within or for the noblest of causes of helping your Beirut brothers and sisters affected by the shocking events of August 4, there's really no excuse not to get behind this release. The EP is available as a Bandcamp exclusive, and all profits will be donated to the Beirut Crisis Relief Fund.

'For My People' (I Want You To Get Together) is out on October 12. You can listen and pre-order in the player above