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Finger drummer & beat-maker, OWLIST drops new album 'Amoeba' on Export Quality Records

'Amoeba' follows his last single ‘Diamond Rings’ with RAZAtwn

  • Wai Ying Ho
  • 6 December 2021
Finger drummer & beat-maker, OWLIST drops new album 'Amoeba' on Export Quality Records

Jaipur-based beat-maker OWLIST returns with his latest album ‘Amoeba’ released via Indian label on the rise, Export Quality Records.

Coming in strong with a heavy duty follow up to his last single ‘Diamond Rings’ with RAZAtwn, Owlist outdoes himself over ten texturally lush and lo-fi poignant tracks that make up his album ‘Amoeba’.

OWLIST is a master finger drummer, an essential skill for profound beat-making. And despite his focus on drum machines and groove techniques, through ‘Amoeba’, Nitesh Jhurani aka OWLIST has also proven his might as an all-rounded producer.

Settling his sound into a lo-fi framework, OWLIST manoeuvres through moods and moments that are telling of the current state of affairs — most of ‘Amoeba’ was conceptualised and written during India’s first lockdown, and that lonesome and disengaging period seems to have fuelled an introspective flame in the artist.

Speaking about his personal outlook on making ‘Amoeba’, OWLIST says, “Sometimes it's really difficult to accept situations, but you have got to look for that one thing that keeps you sane, and if you find that, it means you're going good. Also, keep challenging yourself, criticise yourself, believe in your art, and most importantly, keep digging — you're closer.”

OWLIST ‘Amoeba’ is out now Export Quality Records. Have a listen below and and grab your copy here.