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New editorial and music platform will compensate DJs and producers for mixes

The platform has launched with a mix and interview from Fever AM co-founders Rhyw and Mor Elian

  • 7 March 2024
New editorial and music platform will compensate DJs and producers for mixes, a new editorial and music platform aiming to "champion the art of the DJ mix," launched on March 4 with a mix and interview with Berlin's Fever AM founders Rhyw and Mor Elian.

According to a statement from the team behind, the new platform hopes to tackle "current creative industry problems", give music "the value it deserves" and "bring back the importance of the DJ mix through a curated series".

Central to this founding ideology is the idea of the mix as a "unique form of musical expression".

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Founded by "a selection of contributors from within the creative sphere", the platform will commission music journalists as well as visual and graphic artists to bring each zine to life.

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Organisers reveal funds will be used to compensate all artists involved in a mix, from DJs to track songwriters and producers.

To distribute pay fairly, RA reports that the platform will use DVS1's royalty software, Aslice.

Aslice was first launched to bridge the gap between DJs and producers. It achieves this by allowing DJs to pay a percentage of earnings towards artists included in set lists.

See's socials announcement below.

To find out more about, visit the official website.

Belle Richardson is Mixmag's Digital Intern, follow her on Twitter

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