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This voice-amplifying face mask is perfect for raving in the apocalypse

Want to look like Bane in the rave?

  • 8 January 2022
This voice-amplifying face mask is perfect for raving in the apocalypse

Razer’s new Zephyr mask Pro has been released this week and is the perfect way to stay safe at a rave.

The Zephyr is a transparent mask which works with a two-way air filter system along with customisable lighting that you can change via their app.

Its latest version known as the Pro has been debuted this week which has the added feature of voice amplification, so it is clearer for people to hear you speak.

Straps run around the head and not the ears for a different fit compared to your usual mask.

Razer have also included an “anti-fog coating” to the mask and interior lighting illuminates the mouth.

The original Zephyr mask is available to purchase for $99 and the Zephyr Pro is yet to be released but is expected to be out sometime this year.

Razer say: “Stay safe with its replaceable N95 Grade filters for daily protection. Stay social with its transparent design for clear face visibility. Stay sustainable with its reusable nature for long-term use.”

They also have explained the science behind the mask: “We collaborated with teams of mask experts, health professionals, and engineers to place humans at the forefront of our wearable air-purification technology.

“During the design process we engaged governmental agencies from around the world to understand their complex and evolving standards while increasing awareness in our efforts.”

Find out more about Razer’s Zephyr mask via their website.

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