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Explore the futuristic sounds of ‘Ray’ by Yui Onodera

‘Ray’ will feature in Cage 64, a film about John Cage

  • Zita Chan
  • 11 October 2020
Explore the futuristic sounds of ‘Ray’ by Yui Onodera

In an attempt to shed positive light on 2020, it's fair to say that Asia has been an exciting space for refreshing and innovative music from the ambient and experimental spectrum. A most recent discovery comes by way of ‘Ray’, a stunning album of electro-acoustic goodness by Japanese artist Yui Onodera.

Loaded with arpeggiated layers, lush textures with a mildly fluorescent tinge, ‘Ray’ brings to life a unique combination of sounds and futuristic ideas. It’s spacious and comforting, yet highly distinctive with a constant tonal reminder of percussive piano play.

Selections of Onodera’s album will be used in a film about American composer John Cage, Cage 64 by director Markus Hedingsfelder. The film currently doesn’t have a release date. The cover art is also inspired by the set design used by Cage and features a collage of still shots from ‘Europeras’, a five-part opera series by the America composer.

A student of music, architecture and design, Onodera is no stranger to strong and in depth releases, having been hosted on renowned labels like Room40 and Germany’s KOMPAKT. While not producing and composing, the Japanese artists lectures in sound art at the Rikkyo University as well as Musashino Art University.

Yui Onodera ‘Ray’ is out now on Serein. You can buy and listen to the album here.

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