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Eminem to co-produce new documentary on superfans, ‘Stans’

The rapper's 2000 single of the same name is known for coining the now-popular internet term

  • 18 February 2024
Eminem to co-produce new documentary on superfans, ‘Stans’

Eminem is co-producing a new documentary on superfan culture named Stans, Variety reports.

The rapper's 2000 single 'Stan' - which saw Eminem take on the persona of an obsessed fan who becomes increasingly frustrated at the lack of reply to letters from himself - is widely credited as helping to popularise the internet term, that refers to individual or groups of super fans.

The new documentary is said looking into the reality of the "stan" lifestyle, and will be directed by Steven Leckart — who has previously worked as a writer for biopics such as What’s My Name: Muhammad Ali.

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Variety shares that Stans is currently a working title, and that the film synopsis reads: “Revealing, edgy, and disarmingly personal journey into the world of super fandom, told through the lens of one of the world’s most iconic and enduring artists, Eminem, and the fans that worship him.”

Set to be released via his production company Shady Films in association with DIGA Studios and Hill District Media, the documentary will initially be distributed by Paramount and MTV.

Eminem’s longtime manager Stuart Parr tells Variety: “Stans will be the opportunity for us to turn the camera around and ask the audience about being fans — and in some cases, fanatics.

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Parr continues: “This is a study of the relationship between fanbase and artist through the lens of one of Eminem’s most fascinating songs and one of the world’s most important entertainers.”

DIGA Studios’ CEO and founder, Tony DiSanto, also told the publication: “Stans will explore the complex relationship between fame and super fandom, told through the lens of one of the world’s most iconic artists, Eminem, his music, and, especially, his most extreme fans.”

Stans is claimed to be released later this year according to Variety.

Watch the iconic music video to Eminem's track 'Stan' below.

[Via: Variety]

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