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Ellen Allien shares music video for 'Lust'

An ode to her beloved Ibiza, taken from her 'Rave Luv' EP

  • 6 May 2024
Ellen Allien shares music video for 'Lust'

Ellen Allien has shared the music video for her track 'Lust', taken from her 'Rave Luv' EP.

The visualiser is produced by Spanish artist Pilar Gost, contributing to what Allien describes as a track which embodies "Winter Ibiza emotions, transformed into music and video".

You can check it out for yourself below:

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Released in March this year, 'Rave Luv' marked the iconic DJ and producer's return to her bpitch label, with a real dancefloor-focused affair. Think playfully manipulated vocals, powerful drums and otherworldly synths; much of which is heard in a contemporary Ellen Allien DJ set.

The EP is the result of drawing upon inspiration from all of the different places she has played over the previous year and each country's uniqueness. With this in mind, the video for 'Lust' perhaps most accurately embodies such inspiration through its ode to Ibiza.

Check out the full 'Rave Luv' EP by Ellen Allien here.

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