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Elijah debuts his Yellow Squares in the Philippines for ‘Deep Feedback’

Manila Community Radio’s previously postponed event takes place on March 8

  • Amira Waworuntu
  • 6 March 2024
Elijah debuts his Yellow Squares in the Philippines for ‘Deep Feedback’

Grime music pioneer Elijah is set to land in Manila for the previously postponed ‘Deep Feedback’ event, co-presented by the artist himself alongside Manila Community Radio.

Taking place on March 8 at The Metropolitan Museum of Manila, ‘Deep Feedback’ emphasises the need to share and co-create rather than compete when it comes to music — kind of like what goes on in a b2b, which is where they got the inspiration from.

By using this format of collaboration, ‘Deep Feedback’ aims to re-contextualise public spaces for the local nightlife and creative sector, promoting multidimensional forms of grassroots cultural education and programming.

Shining the spotlight on the DJ as an iconic figure within contemporary culture and as a curator in creating new contexts for art to be experienced, the Butterz label head will go b2b with MCR archivist Sai Versailles, engaging with pertinent topics in today’s creative sector.

The collaborative lecture aims to touch on themes such as the globalisation of culture, the importance of “deep feedback,” the changing understandings of art, and more.

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In addition, Elijah will present his Yellow Squares project — a vessel which he uses to write about the industry on Instagram, exploring sustainable creative production and alternative approaches on social media while creating cross-disciplinary work.

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As expected, a curated line-up of cult favourite Filipino artists by Manila Community Radio will also be present, further underlining the event’s collaborative framework.

Pette Shabu will perform a set of original and inspired music over a high-energy DJ set from Christal. Additionally, producer-emcee duo Six The Northstar and Eli will engage in a “cypher” (rap improvisation) blending live beats, samples, and instruments.

Pre-registration to ‘Deep Feedback’ has currently ended, however, a limited number of walk-in guests will be accepted at the door starting 7pm.

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