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Echio bridges musicians by providing personalised reviews for demos

The new platform also lets artists keep 85% of all revenue made

  • Miki Kitasako
  • 23 May 2023
Echio bridges musicians by providing personalised reviews for demos

A brand new streaming platform, Echio, has made it possible for individuals to interact with their favourite artists by sending demos in for personalized reviews, workshops, talks, Q&A sessions and more.

This livestream platform has adopted a unique way of connecting artists with fans and other musicians while creating a new tool for artists to create another revenue stream through their craft.

The company is founded by two musicians themselves; Joakim Bouaziz — producer and founder of Tigersushi Records — and Tom Royer who is a DJ and creative technologist for digital agencies. The two wanted to find new ways for artists to earn a living, connect with their fans and share their knowledge and expertise.

Echio opens doors for users unlike any other platform, as it has a feature called ‘Demo Feedback’ that provides a unique opportunity for users to send their demos in for personalized feedback from their chosen artists.

The response will be given in either written or video format. A fee is required for this and it starts at 2000 tokens which is USD20. If the artist is into your demo, it could open even more doors.

Echio also benefits established producers who opt to be part of this platform by allowing them to keep 85% of the revenue. They’re also given the chance to set their own prices for the activities they offer.

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Artists can also opt to donate 50% of their revenue towards a music-based charity that promotes education, while the remaining 15% of the revenue will go to Echio.

Other features include tutorials where you’re able to connect with musicians live from their studios. For those who would like to try some free options, Echio does provide ‘Open Sessions’ that include videos on demand. Some of the artists already on the platform include DJ François X, DJ Tennis, Henrik Schwarz, Lauer, Roman Flügel and more.

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Over the past few years, streaming giants have seen a mountain of backlash from artists and creators due to their monetization practices. Artists have spoken out about making a loss on their music or barely making ends meet from their royalties. Hopefully, more platforms like Echio can help creatives stay in their craft while being able to fairly monetize their life’s work.

To join Echio as a user or as an artist, head here.

Via: Mixmag MENA

Miki Kitasako is Mixmag Asia’s Social Media and Content Producer, follow her on LinkedIn.

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