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The late DJ Rashad’s ‘Double Cup’ album is being reissued to mark 10 year anniversary

The reissue features a rare track ‘Last Winter’ from the legendary footwork pioneer

  • 5 November 2023
The late DJ Rashad’s ‘Double Cup’ album is being reissued to mark 10 year anniversary

A deluxe, tenth anniversary edition of footwork pioneer DJ Rashad’s album ‘Double Cup’ is coming out to celebrate 10 years since the groundbreaking release.

Original out through Hyperdub, the reissue is coming out via Partisan Records. The announcement has been marked with the digital release of one of DJ Rashad’s lesser-heard tunes, ‘Last Winter’, which was only available on out-of-print CD versions of ‘Double Cup’. Listen to it below.

The track pulls on the heartstrings with a wistful Stevie Wonder sample, and is accompanied by a music video documenting archive footage of the late DJ and producer, directed by illustrator, photographer and long-time friend Ashes57.

Ashes57 has also contributed new artwork for the project, which will also be available in a limited edition gold vinyl.

Partisan Records are celebrating DJ Rashad’s legacy and the 10th anniversary of the groundbreaking album ‘Double Cup’, releasing a deluxe reissue of the seminal project on December 8. The original album came out on Hyperdub, with Rashad's then-manager Wes Harden declaring that the album "represents the future."

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‘Double Cup’ stands as one of the most influential and innovative albums of the last decade, receiving a 10/10 review in Mixmag upon its release and picked out in our Best Albums of the Decade 2010-2019 rundown.

The foundational album for footwork helped propel its unique sound to a wider, global audience. Additional accolades include its selection in The Guardian's top 30 albums of 2013 and 8.6 rating from Pitchfork.

Wes Harden, Rashad's manager at the time of release, says: “Double Cup represents the future. It did when it came out, and still does today. It’s the sound of Rashad grabbing the torch of Chicago house from people like Frankie Knuckles and taking it further - to a new generation, a new type of listener, to new parts of the world. The music sounds as alive today as it did in 2013.”

Friend sand collaboration DJ Spinn says: “Rashad and I knew that this was our opportunity to showcase on a broader level. We wanted to make sure we included all the guys in the recording. It was really like a posse album for the most part, [introducing] DJ Earl, DJ Phil, Manny, myself, Taso.”

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Footwork, also referred to as juke, derived from elements of ghetto house and hip hop, combining the rapid rhythms of the former with heavy sampling of the latter, pop and other sources. Juke tracks usually sit at 160 BPM and lend rhythms and sub-bass frequencies from drum 'n' bass. Early songs that fell under the canon of juke include DJ Clent's 1996 effort 'Haily Mary' and RP Boo's 'Baby Come On', released in '97, with Rashad's 'Child Abuse' with DJ Thadz coming shortly after.

According to Boo, footwork's origins stem from ghetto house vinyls being played at a faster 45RPM instead of 33RPM on turntables.

'Double Cup (10th Anniversary Edition)' comes out via Partisan Records on December 8.

Tibor Heskett is Mixmag's Digital Intern, follow him on Twitter

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