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Dead Pepaya showcase avant-garde electronic gems on Bunga Elektronika vol.2

The Jakarta-based crew dive deep into the Indonesian underground with their breathtaking new release

  • Patrizio Cavaliere
  • 17 September 2021
Dead Pepaya showcase avant-garde electronic gems on Bunga Elektronika vol.2

Jakarta-based Dead Pepaya return with the second instalment in their cutting edge 'Bunga Elektorinka' series. The latest incarnation continues in the label's so far uncompromising vein, featuring profound electronic jams from Turismo Avenue and Jaqués.

Dead Pepaya was born in 2020 as a joint project, with two labels — Dead Records and Pepaya Records — converging under an amalgamated banner. Now three releases deep, it's clear the imprint mean business when it comes to their manifesto of shining light on the deeper shades of Indonesia's electronic music scene. The two featured tracks compliment each other beautifully, and each is satisfyingly difficult to pigeon-hole, with the label describing the release as "a bold take on bass and ambience."

First up, Tourismo Avenue arrives with his throbbing, hallucinatory journey into nature with 'Inviamo' — with delicate waves of organic texture coupled with earth-shaking bass notes and pounding drums. Next, Jaqués presents 'ARP2600', where haunting atmospherics create a vast panorama before intricate synth arpeggios combine with celestial pads and stirring rhythms to create an evocative and deeply immersive meta-ambient soundscape. Dead Pepaya are understandably proud to present these intricately crafted sounds, suggesting they provide a striking reflection of their country's essence. “Dramatic culture, which is ingrained in Indonesia’s lifestyle, greatly influences their atmospheric electronica pieces for this second instalment of Bunga Elektronika.”

Take a listen to the breathtaking music below:

'Bunga Elektronika vol.2' is out now, you can buy it here

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