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Coming Soon: Elevate your flow with yoga designed to recharge after a big night out

Refresh and recharge with YogaFreq

  • Mixmag Asia Crew
  • 9 November 2020
Coming Soon: Elevate your flow with yoga designed to recharge after a big night out

We’ve all had a little more time for wellness this year and riding on the coattails of our healthiest year yet, we’re determined to continue down this holistic path even after clubs and festivals return. Born out of a desire to inject a little self-care into our post-party rituals, Yoga Freq was born — which is short and sweet waves of wellness that can be done anytime, anywhere.

Season one begins on November 21 and comes via Hong Kong. Nestled just outside the city, up the West coast of Hong Kong on Lantau Island is YogaUp — a quiet, calm and tranquil retreat to realign your mind and body. We teamed up with YogaUp’s founder and honcho, ChauKei Ngai, also one of Hong Kong’s leading celebrity yogis, to bring you an urban detox in the form of no-fuss yoga and essential breathing exercises.

Season one is broken down into five episodes. Among them is Detox Flow, which designed to be done after a heavy Friday night following a heavy week of work. The five-minute session will set you back on course for a smooth Saturday night. Tune Out To Tune In is short routine that will help you tune right out, shutting yourself off from unnecessary distractions like noise, tension and intensity.

Musical accompaniment will come via some of Asia’s shapeshifting artists, with one episode being paired with an organic and ambient house track from Carsten Martens at Souta.Musik and another by Bali-inspired groove from Marc Roberts.

ChauKei Ngai will lead all five sessions in Hong Kong. The Hong-Kong born yogi has been bending and flexing since 2006. This won’t be her first time dabbling in the world of music either. In 2018, she joined GRAMMY-nominated trio Above & Beyond for a live ‘Flow State’ yoga session in Kowloon Park, Hong Kong, attended by over 1,000 people.

YogaFreq debuts on Saturday, November 21 via YouTube. Watch a trailer below.

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