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Chinese producer Ma Haiping unleashes 'The Invincible'

Ma Haiping's career has been pivotal to China's techno & underground movement

  • Arun Ramanathan
  • 2 December 2022
Chinese producer Ma Haiping unleashes 'The Invincible'

Ma Haiping continues his 2022 string of releases with a scintillating sci-fi techno EP on French imprint Seclusion. Titled ‘The Invincible’, the Chinese producer’s latest release is a much-anticipated follow up to EP XX 8 on British imprint Molecular Record from September earlier this year.

‘The Invincible’ is packaged with two original tracks plus a remix from Seclusion label founder Elyas, and Dutch techno legend Jeroen Search. Coming in as a peak time hero, ‘The Invincible’ hits as a fervent groove with merciful synth stabs, driven by acid percussion and rolling hats. Jeroen Search’s remix accentuates to the hats and delivers a no-drop, jaw-strapped floor filler, ripe for dominance in a sweaty boiler basement.

‘Planet Regis III’ stays in true form to Haiping’s sci-fi and hypnotic style; cerebrally haunting, the original holds solid groove engine that fuels a mesmerising cosmic escapade. Elyas’ beat heavy remix just adds rocket fuel to the EP.

Ma Haiping (aka MHP) has been one of China’s most influential techno producers since the turn of the century. At the tender age of 19, whilst in a techno-scarce environment, Haiping was diving into producing experimental and industrial sounds, hugely inspired by Underground Resistance and Drexciya. His next step was developing a style of techno that he credits to Jeff Mills’ futuristic and sci-fi aesthetic.

Together with the VOID crew, the early 2000s saw Ma Haiping play a heavy role in forming Shanghai’s techno movement; he was performing alongside Juan Atkins, Robert hood, Surgeon, Oscar Mulero, pushing him in a pivotal position towards development of the Chinese local techno scene.

Just last year, Ma Haiping became the first Chinese artist to release on Mills’ Axis Records, when he put out his seven track EP, Chang'e-4.

Ma Haiping ‘The Invincible' is out today on Seclusion. Get your copy here.

Arun Ramanathan is Mixmag Asia’s Director. Follow him on Instagram.

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