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China is throwing an underground music festival on the Great Wall of China

There is more to China than EDM

  • Olivia Wycech
  • 12 June 2015
China is throwing an underground music festival on the Great Wall of China

With a population as big as China’s, naturally there will be pockets of dance music culture that stray away from the norm.

Originally created by the Mansion in Shanghai, the Yingyang Music Festival caters to those pockets and is dedicated to the alternative underground music scene in China. And to boot, the three-day long festival is held China’s most significant and important cultural landmark – the Great Wall of China.

The festival will run non-stop from June 20th to the 22nd and will unite 50 of the best DJs from China, as well as additional artists from 15 different countries. The international lineup includes:

Juno Reactor (UK)
Sulumi (CN)
Kamara (NL)
Adam Swain (AUS)
Frits Wentink (NL)
Cesqeaux (NL)

The local lineup features:

Absorbed (LIVE) – AndreYun + Anon – Al Burro – Amadei – Ambivalentz – Arun R – Bambino – Bass Panda – Bass Guo – BB Deng – Body – Coco Van Kleef – Crack – Daniel Weil – DAS -谛Di – Donn – Electronail – Fathallah – Fleur Carrée – Floveet – Gotama – Jasmine Li & Them Waits – Jennifer Love- less – Juggernaut – Juliana Lima – LCMJ – Ludo V – Lukas – Max Atlarge Maxi – Miya – Oshi – Out of Band 2(LIVE) – Punx – Rainbow High – Rifain – Romi B – Shen Yue – Simon B – Space – Steo le Panda(LIVE) – Steven Z – Suggar Daddy – Taku Hirayama – The Uhhh – The Studge – Thomas Futoso – Timeum – Tommy Hendriks – Visa – Wildbush – Yang Bing – Zuckermann

Capacity is limited to 2,000 people so to ensure there is no damage done to the historical location and so everybody has room to dance and enjoy the scenery.

Visit the website for tickets and more information.

You can check out the 2014 aftermovie below: