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From airport to airport, club to club, check out Didi Han’s nostalgic video diary

‘we will find a way, we always have’

  • Charles Budd
  • 27 June 2020
From airport to airport, club to club, check out Didi Han’s nostalgic video diary

A constant influx of inspiration derived from lockdowns, quarantine sessions and a motif of turning idleness into creativity hits out inboxes every day. The most recent piece of self and musical exploration comes from Korea’s Didi Han. The young artist from Seoul has been on our radar since bursting out of her bubble in Seoul and onto the regional map of Southeast Asia — she’s played two fantastic sets for Mixmag Asia in Hong Kong at a secret location and the following night over that weekend in Ho Chi Minh City at Bam Bam.

She’s a memorable soul, as is her music, and so is her nostalgic outlook. Cooped up at home and reminiscing on touring and traveling across Asia, Didi compiled a video blog of an earlier tour in 2018, but it comes soundtracked with an unreleased production which we perked our ears.

Unsure of when she will officially release it, the backing track is a sweet, blissful and melodic house tune, perfectly fitting to the dreamy vibe she shows in the tone and manner of the video. She actually wrote the song after making the video, making it a perfect fit. Didi tells us, “I played the video and then started writing the song. I want to give a positive message from the video. The quote from the last scene is from the movie Interstellar - ‘we will find a way, we always have’.

Once Didi decides when the intimate track will be out, we’ll let you know here. In the meantime, check out her video diary below.

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