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Chari Chari selects an inspired set of remixers for new 'Mystic Revelation Of Geography' EP

Knopha, Yoshiharu Takeda, and Bartosz Kruczyński arrive with ultra-dreamy reworks

  • Patrizio Cavaliere
  • 4 January 2022
Chari Chari selects an inspired set of remixers for new 'Mystic Revelation Of Geography' EP

Chari Chari arrives with the final instalment of remixes lifted from his most recent album, presenting five inspired tracks on the 'Mystic Revelation Of Geography' EP.

Chari Chari is a nome de plume of celebrated producer, Kaoru Inoue. The Tokyo-based artist has been busily producing left-of-centre sounds from diverse inspirational sources for more than 20 years, with his very own Seeds & Ground label providing the home for the main body of his output. The EP is the third and final remix collection inspired by Chari Chari's 2020 album. 'We hear the last decades dreaming', with previous instalments featuring work from the likes of Kuniyuki, Chida, and Mamazu.

'Mystic Revelation Of Geography' includes an exquisite remix of 'Esfera De Agua' from fast-rising Chinese underground artist Knopha – who's been forging a fine reputation for himself in recent months, not least thanks to the new BAIHUI radio station project he launched alongside compatriot, Slowcook. Remixing the same track is Japanese artist Yoshiharu Takeda, who's best-known for his immaculate 'Aspiration' album – which was originally released on CD in 2018 before receiving a vinyl re-issue in 2020. Elsewhere, the Bali-inspired 'Uluwatu Monkey Dance' is revisited by Bartosz Kruczyński – an artist perhaps best-known for his work recorded as Earth Trax – who's previously released two excellent ambient/new age albums on the Germany’s Growing Bin. Completing the stunning EP is the Psychic Thermometry mix of the track 'Of Mystic Rhythms', and a DJ-friendly downtempo jam from Inoue himself, 'Onda De Metal'.

Chari Chari 'Mystic Revelation Of Geography' is out now, you can buy it here

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