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Bklava spotlights the wild abandon of Beirut dancefloors in new 'It's Your Time' music video

Made in collaboration with Jamie Boy bassline, the new single will feature on upcoming EP 'Khalas​'

  • 6 March 2023
Bklava spotlights the wild abandon of Beirut dancefloors in new 'It's Your Time' music video

Bklava has just released her new single, raucous speed garage banger 'It's Your Time'.

The accompanying music video chronicles a night out from start to finish, and features club scenes filmed in Beirut — with the Irish-Lebanese artist herself on the decks.

Consisting of a series of nightclub moments, the video showcases Bklava's pride in her Lebanese heritage and the feelings of joy and empowerment that can be found in a night out.

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Bklava has described the single, created in collaboration with Bradford-based producer Jamie Boy Bassline, as "one for peak time dancefloors."

"It’s about owning your emotions and letting everything go in the rave," she says. "I love nothing better than being behind the decks, or in the crowd, and noticing the ravers that are so in the moment, not caring about anything around them.

"They’ve got their eyes closed, throwing their hands in the air and they are just feeling it! This one’s for that exact moment.”

The new single, released on Ministry of Sound, is the first from Bklava's upcoming EP 'Khalas' which translates to "stop/enough" in Arabic — a word she says she "heard a lot growing up in a Lebanese family" due to the expectations of women to be quiet and reserved.

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Though many details around the EP, set for release in Summer 2023, are yet to be revealed - Bklava has shared that the club-focused record was born from a desire to create her own path. “The older I’ve gotten, the louder I’ve become to break this mould,” she says.

Check out the video for Bklava's 'It's Your Time' on Ministry of Sound below.

Megan Townsend is Mixmag's Deputy Editor, follow her on Twitter

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