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Kim Ann Foxman and Cora assaulted in suspected hate crime

"We can’t help but feel how being a visibly affectionate queer Asian female couple played into this"

  • 10 April 2024
Kim Ann Foxman and Cora assaulted in suspected hate crime

New York-based DJ Kim Ann Foxman and Berlin-based DJ Cora were assaulted in Berlin last week (April 5), in a suspected hate crime.

The couple shared their full story via Instagram yesterday to spread awareness of the incident, which they described as "disturbing and violent".

Foxmann and Cora were celebrating their first anniversary in Pannierstraße, Neukölln, when a young man and woman reportedly assaulted the couple unprovoked.

The incident began in "broad daylight" when the female assailant allegedly walked past and "grabbed Cora's crotch" - an indicator, they believe, that the assault may have related to their sexual orientation.

After confronting the stranger, an unnamed male assailant reportedly became involved, resulting in both the man and woman beating Foxman and Cora to the ground. Foxman explained that it was unclear how long the incident took place before she began to record the attackers.

"Cora and I are still discovering new bruises from the three different times we were pinned to the ground and beaten," she wrote, adding: "I could see the blood on my girlfriend’s face because it all happened in broad daylight".

Following the incident, Foxman and Cora sought help from a local retailer whilst waiting for authorities to arrive. Sharing her thoughts about what provoked the assailants, she said: "We can’t help but feel how being a visibly affectionate queer Asian female couple played into this".

Foxman concluded the post by calling for support from her community. "Our queer, rave, and Asian communities need to hear from us directly. Please be extra careful out there". Many shared their support in the comments for the couple, with some adding anecdotes of similar incidents happening in Berlin.

Speaking to Mixmag, Foxman explained: "We are so grateful for the outpouring of support since we talked about it online. We are navigating doctors’ offices and legal advice while simultaneously just trying to process that this actually happened to us".

Last year, LGBTQIA+ rights advocate Anastasia Biefang voiced concerns regarding a surge in homophobic and anti-transgender violence and discrimination in the country. In an interview with Reuters, she drew parallels to the rhetoric employed by the Nazis highlighting a growing backlash against LGBTQIA+ rights in the country.

In an annual report by the International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex Association published on April 7, it was reported that there had been an increase in homophobia across the continent, particularly aimed towards transgender people.

Foxman told Mixmag: "Our post has sparked so much dialogue, including how even our most out and proud cities struggle to protect their queer citizens. We hope the pressure will help the Berlin authorities know the community cares we get justice", she concluded.

Belle Richardson is Mixmag's Digital Intern, follow her on Twitter

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