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Berlin's Cinthie jumps on remix duty for Pantai People's latest offering

Listen to her remix of Adrien Calvert's 'Le Doigt De Toto'

  • Arun Ramanathan
  • 7 November 2022
Berlin's Cinthie jumps on remix duty for Pantai People's latest offering

More sun-drenched offerings from Bali-based label Pantai People arrive with a smooth stomper of a remix from Berlin’s Cinthie for Adrien Calvet’s ‘Le Doigt de Toto’ EP.

For his abundantly warm four track EP, Calvet brings together uber groovy vibes, packaged in a jazzy parcel and sealed with equatorial heat.

‘Le Doigt De Toto’ initiates things on Side A with a ferociously funky bassline, jazzy notes and encapsulating vocals that touch the soul.

Cinthie steps in to rework the single by way of her timeless deep house modus operadi; punchy drums, celestial pads combined with riding chords turn Cinthie’s remix of ‘Le Doigt De Toto’ into a classically-leaning house hit, ready for the peak hours at a beach club along Pantai Seminyak (Seminyak Beach) or some 4am backroom bliss.

The flipside is equally and contentiously delicious with ‘Riesling’ pushing a steady groove coupled with a funky acid bassline and a sensual piano top-line. The low frequencies don’t get ignored by any means whatsoever on this record, as the final track ‘Esperance’ fires up the slap bass into a cosmic groove, ripe for the floor, ready for the moon.

Adrien Calvet ‘ Le Doigt De Toto’ EP is out now on Pantai People. You can have a listen below and place your vinyl order here.

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