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​Audio Asia: Bazza Ranks brings us back to the good ol’ days with ‘Neon City Vol.1’

The Hong Kong-based producer showers us with 90’s rave nostalgia


  • Charles Budd | Photos: Po Tse
  • 29 March 2021
​Audio Asia: Bazza Ranks brings us back to the good ol’ days with ‘Neon City Vol.1’

Title: Neon City Vol.1
Artist: Bazza Ranks
Label: Spice Bag Records
Release: March 26, 2021

Hong Kong-based DJ and producer Bazza Ranks is back on our radar with something we don’t hear enough of in Asia — classic, heavy on the groove, hands-in-the-air piano house.

Bazza’s latest ‘Neon City Vol.’1 EP is a much needed feeling for many-dance-floor-lover, that only the glorious style of a classic piano cut could deliver. The two-track player brings in nostalgic 90’s rave through grit and virtue, with enough low end and filth to the kick drums to guarantee a floor-rattling session.

Inspired by the late night sessions from his high-rise, Hong Kong studio, Bazza’s surroundings in the fast paced city are culminated by the visual electricity created by neon splendour and glowing beams of illuminessence.

The aptly titled ‘Lights On’ is a straight Detroit chord-led, peak-time floor-filler — two primary drivers come in the form of bold keys, stern melody and a booming kick that could never possibly let you sit and enjoy this. Bazza dipped deep into his house encyclopedia to walk that fine line of Detroit essence coupled with his British rave sensibilities. Nodding our way through ‘Lights On’, an unexpected sharp turn guides us to a heightened frenzy for it’s remaining moments.

‘Don’t Break Up’ sticks to a breakbeat strategy with the top drums, one that we like a lot, with a steady-powered kick on the four-by-four tip. Showered in British rave nostalgia, Bazza brings in the vocal sampling that we enjoyed on his previous EP via Spice Bag Records — delightfully chopped with plenty of expression for elation on the floor!

Bazza plans to roll out a few more belters under the Neon City series, so stay tuned for more rave nostalgia from the UK, via Hong Kong.

Bazza Ranks ‘Neon City Vol.1’ is out now on Spice Bag Records. Listen below and get your copy here.

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