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Atika Altar releases space-age experimental debut album

‘Sonic Reader’ is out now via Interstellaria Records

  • Words: Henry Cooper | Image: Angelika Kozlovskaya
  • 17 May 2023
Atika Altar releases space-age experimental debut album

‘Sonic Reader’ is Atika Altar’s highly anticipated 12-track debut album and it just dropped on Interstellaria Records.

Since moving from Singapore to Warsaw, Poland, she has experimented with a variety of genres, including techno, tribal and ambient, all of which find a place on the debut release. ‘Sonic Reader’ is an ever-changing and ever-exciting project which brings a unique mix of modern tribal grooves and Eurasian futurism to dance music, all whilst remaining in an explorative realm of sound.

The tracklist varies from widely experimental sound art pieces, which are held together by more traditional ambient and experimental music, leaving the project feeling cohesive from start to finish. Artwork for the release was provided by Ultrabianka.

From the moment you hit play, the album takes you on a joyride through time and space. Tracks like ‘Sonic Reader’ and ‘Music Box’ transport you straight into an '80s sci-fi movie with cosmic synths and tribal rhythms intertwining to create a euphoric soundtrack for a spaceship afterparty. There's also ‘A.Objects’; a retro-futuristic IDM track that features rolling percussions and mind-bending sounds from the iconic Roland JX-8P synth — this one is for the interstellar sounds chasers.

Altar has also just recorded a HÖR set — which should be coming out in the next few months — and fingers crossed we get a tour of this album soon.

‘Sonic Reader’ is out on all major platforms via Interstellaria Records; listen to it below and purchase it here.

Henry Cooper is an Editorial Intern at Mixmag Asia. Follow him on Instagram.

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