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Ambient & electronica quartet Unknown Me drops a fresh LP ‘BISHINTA 美。心。体’

The new album is an unwinding onsen bath for your soul

  • Roger Yiu
  • 6 May 2021
Ambient & electronica quartet Unknown Me drops a fresh LP ‘BISHINTA 美。心。体’

Japanese ambient entity Unknown Me has been marvelling audiences with their enchanting ambient since their debut LP. The Tokyo-based electronic entity consists of Yakenohara, P-RUFF, and H.TAKAHASHI, and Yudai Osawa and excels their predecessors yet again with their third LP Bishinta 美。心。体 with the help of LA's long-established indie label Not Not Fun.

BISHINTA 美。心。体 is a cybernetic yet soothing collection specifically produced to be a therapeutic muse, allowing listens to link bodies and minds with ease. The 12-track LP although has a rather brief runtime of 41 minutes, is delicately crafted with synthesizer, steel drum, rhythm boxes, and a crispy mix. Starting off with 8-bit flickering sounds, audiences are greeted by a calming yet robotic voice, which will function as an audio guide as you set foot on the mysterious realm delicately layered with cautiousness. In fact, it is more accurate to describe this listening experience as holographic guided meditation as it is themed around sensory perception and body parts while stimulating your senses with wobbles, textures, glitches, reverbs and echos.

Four distinctive musicians are featured to help actualize this new-age ambient album with grace, from world famous psychedelic beatmaker foodman, to multitalented instrumentalist Jim O'Rourke, to the Japanese underground shape-shifter MC Sirafu and mesmerising singer Lisa Nakagaw. Mixed and mastered by YAKENOHARA, the keyplayer of Unknown Me, ‘Bishinta’ is profoundly sentient as it radiates simplicity and sacredness and offers the utmost spiritual relaxation one could ever ask for.

You can now purchase Unknown Me ‘Bishinta 美。心。体’ on Bandcamp.