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Alva Noto & Suzanne Kraft remix Taiwanese artist Yutie Lee's Chinese folk EP

'Flower Protocol' reinterprets the tunes that illustrate the beauty of flowers

  • Rylee Chow
  • 10 April 2020
Alva Noto & Suzanne Kraft remix Taiwanese artist Yutie Lee's Chinese folk EP

Taiwanese DJ and producer Yutie Lee is becoming known for exploring sounds of all kinds and forms to express her fascinating ontological thinking. Today, Yutie drops another impressive LP called 'Flower Protocol', which features her singing six Chinese folk songs which are reworked by talents like Alva Noto, Suzanne Kraft and more.

'Flower Protocol' is a triple-LP that revolves around six traditional Chinese folk tunes about flowers: 'Tuberosa', 'Rose', 'Jasmine', 'Plum Blossom', 'Orchids' and 'Chamomile'. Flowers, especially in China, have always been symbolised as romance and purity, but Yutie's has given them a modern twist. On the triple EP, she sings the folk songs with her own artificially mutated voice, turning them away from the romantic and tranquil interpretation into something complex and dystopian. To complete her rework, Yutie invited renowned producers Alva Noto, Bell Towers, Laura Groves, Oceanic and Suzanne Kraft to remix her own originals, which transformed the elegant melodies into some edgy house mixes. Our personal pick would be Alva Noto's remix of 'Chamomile', which blends Yutie's voice into a deep house beat with clicks panelling on the left and right. Listen to the LP below:

The LP is released on Public Possession, a trendy underground label and record store founded in 2012 by the Munich based duo Valentino Betz and Marvin Schuhmann. They have been releasing music for artists around the globe such as Detroit Swindle, Perel, Kornél Kovács, Jimpster, Palms Trax and more. They are divided into different fields of work in culture and business and organized various exhibitions and events.

Aside from music, Yutie Lee expresses herself through installations, text and sound, objects, drawings and artist’s books. She was a major in Fine Art at Munich University, yet she has been making music and mixing sounds as part of her artworks. Check out more about Yutie here.

'Flower Protocol' by Yutie Lee is out on April 10 on Public Possessions. Order the LP here.

[Image via RA]
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