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​AlphaTheta announce debut rotary mixer, euphonia

The all-new four-channel mixer will set you back £3,249

  • 17 March 2024
​AlphaTheta announce debut rotary mixer, euphonia

AlphaTheta, the new music tech brand from Pioneer DJ's parent company AlphaTheta Corporation, has announced its first rotary mixer.

euphonia is a hybrid digital-analog mixer with four channels, a first in AlphaTheta’s new line of products. The mixer is lighter in weight than Pioneer DJ’s previous mixers and comes with new features and a fresh layout.

The mixer features four rotary faders, each of which absorb vibration through elastomer around the outside of the knobs, and also features five built-in send FX and a high-pass filter.

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The send FX include Delay, Reverb, Tape Echo, Echo Verb, and Shimmer, with the option to connect additional external effects with the option of customisation.

AlphaTheta promises a “euphoric sound with digital clarity and analog richness” with the new mixer, and a sound that has “never been heard from a DJ mixer before”.

euphonia uses 32-bit A/D and D/A converters, as well as 96kHz/64bit floating point mixing processing operations in the DSP, meaning the sound is enhanced and high-quality, and utilises the digital signal processing technology developed by AlphaTheta.

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“All sound coming out of the euphonia passes through a transformer circuit co-designed by AlphaTheta and Rupert Neve Designs, the legendary makers of outstanding analog audio circuitry and mixing desks revered by artists and sound engineers around the world,” reads euphonia’s description.

“This transformer circuit, tuned specifically for the euphonia, adds harmonics to the music and creates a glossy and energetic sound that’s smoother for mixing.”

AlphaTheta is the new music product brand from AlphaTheta Corporation, the parent company of Pioneer DJ. The brand runs side-by-side with Pioneer DJ, offering a brand new line of music products just like its sister brand.

euphonia is currently listed for sale at £3,249 ($3,799). Find out more about it here, and check out a video of it in action below.

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