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All of our favourite DJs are in Game of Thrones

The stars of house and techno have popped up in Westeros

  • House Mixmag
  • 20 April 2016

It's spring but winter's definitely coming. Yup, Game Of Thrones returns on April 24 (in USA) and the journey to the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros begins again.

Whether you're faithful to the honourable House Stark or a devilish devotee of House Lannister, soon you'll be seeing the events of Season 6 unfold.

Throughout all the of GOT madness though, we've noticed something quite shocking. It turns out that the cast of the show are actually all in fact famous DJs.

Who knew that fearless warrior Grey Worm the Unsullied was actually techno wizard Jeff Mills. Or that Jon Snow (RIP...we think) is in fact Hot Creations wild-man wAFF. See the photos above for evidence.

The influx of dance music events on the Adriatic coast since Game Of Thronesbegan now makes perfect sense given that a number of the world's biggest DJs were in the area at the show’s principal filming location of Croatia. DJ Koze took his first ever booking in the country around the time he joined the cast as Oberyn Martell for filming in 2013, and maybe Hot Pie’s disappearance from the show midway through Season 4 can be explained by Bondax having it a bit too large at Hideout Festival and going missing for the rest of the summer’s shooting.

We've compiled a gallery of all our favourite Game Of Thrones DJ crossovers to whet your appetite before the big day later this month, so tuck in and remember: A Lannister always pays his Dettmanns.