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Audio Asia: Akio Nagase blends international textures with throbbing 303 licks on 'Jurassic Shanghai Acid'

The Osaka-based producer serves four intoxicating back room burners on his latest essential EP


  • Patrizio Cavaliere
  • 3 August 2021
Audio Asia: Akio Nagase blends international textures with throbbing 303 licks on 'Jurassic Shanghai Acid'

Title: Jurassic Shanghai Acid
Artist: Akio Nagase
Label: [Emotional] Especial
Release Date: Out now

Akio Nagase lands on revered UK label [Emotional] Especial with a collection of Roland TB-303 infused jams that combine the classic unit's distinctive analogue grit with inspired sounds and samples assembled from far-flung cultures.

Following a lengthy studio hiatus, the Osaka-based producer has been enjoying something of a production resurgence in recent times, and the descriptively titled 'Global Acid EP' is among his finest work to date. Throughout the early 2000s, he released a series of dub-themed compositions on Japanese labels Jet Set and Rudiments, but his recent 'Roots Magic' EP on Singapore's Darker Than Wax marked a shift in tone as it wandered into a discretely abstract and utterly infectious late-night backroom haze. His latest four-tracker is his first vinyl release for over a decade, and the low-slung tracks make for a highly desirable 12” collection.

From the mystical Khoomii throat singing on 'Mongol 303' to the Taketomi Island folk songs of 'Okinawa Yunta', the striking combination of traditional indigenous musicality with contemporary heads-down acid dirt represents a fiercely compelling, pan-Asian contrast throughout. All of the tracks are steeped in atmosphere and pulse with heads-down club energy, but our pick for this week's Audio Asia comes in the form of opening cut, 'Jarrasic Shanghai Acid'. The slow-mo house drums drive the irresistibly morphing 303 motifs over hypnotic vocal chants and disorienting sample layers, unfolding with captivating charm over the course of the saucer-eyed arrangement

Akio Nagase 'Global Acid EP' is out now, you can buy it here

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