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New online radio station has been set up in Accra

Oroko radio already has an impressive roster of residents

  • Aneesa Ahmed
  • 6 February 2022
New online radio station has been set up in Accra

A new online radio station called Oroko has been set up in Accra, Ghana.

Oroko Radio has been set-up by Kikelomo, Nico Adomako, Naëmi Ada and Truseye; their aim is to showcase the diverse range of Ghanaian talent and to highlight the diverse talent of the African diaspora.

Recently the station announced that they are "ready to kick things off" and introduce their roster of residents in an Instagram post.

The post reads: "We're kicking things off with 70 residents, representing 15 countries, 4 continents, and 10 languages, with over 50% based in Ghana.

"Our Resident's shows cover a wide array of formats: from exchanges around building sustainable creative communities, to celebrating global black music heritage, and record label showcases."

The full list of names has residents from 15 countries, but over 50% of them are Ghanaian.

The roster includes names such as Karen Nyame KG, Menzi, Hagan, Jaymie Silk, Blaq Pages, Rvdical The Kid and Oroko co-founder Kikelomo.

London's Crudo Volta collective, who have made a documentary on Ghana's music scene in 2018, will also be hosting a show.

Throughout December, the station also hosted a series of DJ workshops for women in Accra hosted by their co-founder Kikelomo.

The name Oroko radio comes from the word 'Àrokò' - a form of non-verbal communication which was traditionally used in pre-literate Yoruba society.

As explained on the station's Instagram, the term predates Europeans arriving on the African continent, and this form of communication was used to convey information about everything.

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The non-profit community radio station has already started airing programmes. You can listen to the channel here.

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