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'404 Not Found' is NOT news of Japanese duo FEMM breaking up

The EP title was teased as an error message on the groups landing page

  • Rory Kirkham
  • 10 November 2020
'404 Not Found' is NOT news of Japanese duo FEMM breaking up

Fans of Japanese duo FEMM can rejoice as news arrives that a new EP is fast approaching. The group confused fans over the past several weeks when the landing page for their official website simply showed the message '404 Not Found'. Nervous fans that thought this might be a precursor to the group's break-up can now briefly relax before the excitement starts to build to hear new music.

FEMM characterize their choice for EP name as being reflective of the music it will present. In their own words, '404 Not Found' represents “brand-new music that doesn’t exist (yet), no matter how hard you search for it”.

Fans can expect off the cuff rap styles coupled with industrial instrumentation, all mixed in with their signature left-field pop styling which fuses music and message in a cohesive format.

The release features hefty collaborations including production provided by regular Lil Uzi Vert contributor Star Boy, DaBaby and Japanese talents Anjuliecat and Diana Chiaki. FEMM's goal is to deliver the listener to “a world that this world has never seen”.

'404 Not Found' will be available on all major digital platforms on November 20.

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