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Snapped: 30 otherworldly photos from Wonderfruit

Check out all the changes

  • Olivia Wycech
  • 23 January 2018

Wonderfruit wrapped up its fourth and better-than-ever iteration last month that once again saw the festival scale back big-name headliners in favor of a carefully curated exploratory experience that was coupled by music instead of being entirely focused on.

With the exception of a few heavyweight headliners booked for the late-night Quarry stage, electronic music has taken on a smaller but more immersive role at the festival in previous years so the addition of this year’s ALTN8 stage was an unexpected delight that provided the event with a 24-hour carnival-style house and techno centerpiece. A collaborative endeavor between Wonderfruit and the team behind Hong Kong’s ALTN8 Festival, the stage was helmed by a clutch of Poland and Berlin’s finest underground DJs and provided a steady rolling vibe thanks to non-stop programming so good that it was easy to forgo the trek to the Quarry this year.

The Quarry itself lost its off-the-beaten-path jungle vibe as its redesign favored more of an al fresco feel with open skies instead of overhanging trees. The revamp did however leave for more room for the designer to expand on the artistic elements of the space and stage, which saw a more creative use of sound and light.

The Solar Stage also got a makeover that saw the structure come down in height and expand out in size making room for more people to climb and chill on the maze-like framework. As usual, it was the festival's epicenter for sunrise and sunset, a surreal moment not lost on anyone.

The overall Wonderfruit experience has evolved even further into mind-bending and thought-provoking labyrinth of music, food, lifestyle and art that is entirely unique to the festival and Wonderfruit has once again proved itself as mind-blowingly imaginative and absolutely unparalleled.

See the full gallery above.

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