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29 FOMO-filled photos of Asia’s dreamiest boutique festivals

Winter plans sorted

  • Mixmag Asia
  • 5 September 2017

As the temperature drops and FOMO-inducing festival season in the Europe and North America is about to come to an end, these photos serve as a good reminder that although in Asia it can often feel like festival season runs for 12 months a year, peak season in just around the corner and that extend to festivals, weather and travel.

On your boutique festival bucket list, you should include Wonderfruit in Thailand, Epizode in Vietnam, Quest Festival in Vietnam, Labyrinth in Japan, Tao Festival in Thailand, Organik in Taiwan, Kolour in the Park in Thailand, Air Festival in Bali and Sunny Side Up Festival in Bali. These are a few of our favorite pictures that we're sure will for once have the rest of the world swooning while they survive winter under a blanket of cold and dark.

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