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24 hours in Asia

24 hours in Asia: Yellow Claw

Follow the duo all the way to Seoul and into the Arcadia spider

  • Mixmag Asia Staff
  • 19 September 2016
24 hours in Asia: Yellow Claw

Dutch DJ and production duo were recently in Korea to play Arcadia and spent some in the city indulging in its many idiosyncrasies. The guys are one of EDM's powerhouse teams of the moment and have been releasing music on prolific labels like Mad Decent and Spinnin' Records but also busy on the festival circuit with shows at Tomorrowland. Asia loves Yellow Claw and Yellow Claw loves Asia, expect to see more of these guys in the region.

"We kicked off our most recent Asia tour in Korea this time, in Seoul to be exact. Great city, great people and if your into Korean BBQ, then great food too.The whole tour lasted 9 days, contained 6 shows and this time we brought out Moksi, Cesqeaux, Mike Cervello and Chace for the ride. All the artists from our Barong Family roster."

"The festival we played was held right beside this old Olympic stadium. Sad to see buildings like this go completely unused after the Olympic events. Really dope to see it tho. Everything was super Russian 80s and it ave the whole complex a really grimy, James Bond-esk vibe."

"One of those grimy old lorckerrooms turned into our green room. Some pre-gaming going on in this picture; we’re currently testing out some new material from our 2nd studio album so here we are discussing where to put all those new beats in and let it make sense at the same time."

"We don’t think a lot of DJs can say they Djed in a gigantic spider robot before. We can. And it was awesome. EDM is relatively new in Asia but they are already starting to change and improve it. DJ booths should be more often be fun like this."

"This is Nils standing in front of one unspecified establishment. We had no idea what was going on here and nobody dared to go inside."

"We were here at some local bar/restaurant street looking for some decent food. Fun fact; our new song 'Invitation' was playing when we walked by at a Korean fried chicken joint. Nobody was in the mood for fried chicken but somehow we felt we were meant to eat there because of the unintentional support. But the food actually turned out to be disappointing, haha!"

"Another picture in front of the stadium."

"Waiting to go on stage."

"Playing inside this spider booth was crazy."

"Taking off again, next stop: Tokyo."

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