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24 hours in Asia

24 hours in Asia with Jack Beats

Follow the guys around Tokyo for a day

  • Mixmag Asia Staff
  • 31 March 2016
24 hours in Asia with Jack Beats

Jack Beats are in the midst of a tour across this crazy continent and sent us over snaps of their most exciting day in Asia thus far. Follow them through Tokyo as the eat, shop and puppy their way through through the vibrant city.

"Beni catching his dinner..."

"Bullet train looking like the future - the only way to travel in Japan"

"Cherry Blossom season was starting to hit during our time in Tokyo, super pretty"

"Chilling at our fav restaurant 'By the Sea', with its legendary owner. Food is next level!"

"Dinner being served. So good!"

"Spent a lot of time in Tokyo digging - records stores culture here is second to none"

"Spotted this sick Invader X Astroboy piece. So good."

"Synth shopping in Tokyo is truly next level - our favorite spot had 7 Prophet 5's alone. Ridiculous."

"The pet shops were killing us, this little guy almost had to join us for the rest of the tour."

"This business man seemed to be taking his lunch break to practice his modular synth skills, results were not great ;) "

"This fella was dancing on his own in Yoyogi. Moves were on some Micheal Jackson 'Bad' era styles.".

"Us trying to get down with the locals...think we got a little carried away perhaps."

There is still time to catch Jack Beats in Asia. This weekend's dates are below.

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