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Yum Cha

Yum Cha Chats: Get out of bed with Matisse & Sadko

Death metal? Flying alarm clocks? Dogs? Don't stay in bed all day

  • Matisse & Sadko
  • 31 January 2021

Sundays are hard but can be made easier with unexpected delights — so here’s some fluff to get you through it. Inspired by a recent jaunt for dim sum with Miss Yellow in Hong Kong, allow us to deliver a new edition of Yum Cha Chats — which means let’s go eat dim sum and drink tea in Cantonese. The series will dig into the obscure and tasty 'fillings' you never knew about your favourite DJs and have nothing to do with music — every Sunday. Best enjoyed from bed…

Russian DJs and producers Matisse and Sadko are no stranger to EDM fans. This sibling-duo is known for a progressive house style that has made an impact all over the world. Their ever-busy schedule is hard to maintain. With traveling, parties, and live shows, it is not an easy job to get out of bed and stay sane every morning. Here’s how Matisse and Sadko wake up.

Make your manager do the dirty work

Matisse: Late at night, I wait until our manager is offline and text him with “URGENT! CALL US!” Then I go to bed with my phone turned up to the loudest volume. I can always count on him as he’s going to wake me up with his constant calls first thing in the morning.

Morning walks with the dogs

Sadko: I have two dogs. Those cuties won’t let me stay in bed in the morning for long, as they are always looking forward to hanging out and playing. Morning walks with the dogs make you wake up very quickly especially on a windy or chilly day no matter how much you want to keep yourself under the cozy blanket.

Death metal soundtrack as alarms

Matisse: Funnily enough, our manager is a big fan of metal music. He advised to set up three deathcore/metalcore songs as alarm ringtones with a one-minute interval between each other and leave the phone away from the bed. A heart attack is guaranteed once the first alarm goes off.

Motivate yourself with breakfast

Matisse: Don’t eat anything four hours before going to bed and then order early morning breakfast delivery from your bed. Your craving for delicious food and abundant salivation will beat your desire to sleep! As I always say, “Stay hungry, not sleepy.”

Use an alarm gadget

Sadko: Have you ever heard of the alarm clocks with the flying propellers? They were definitely designed by the devil. Once the clock starts ringing, the propeller takes off and you can’t turn the clock off until you catch the propeller and insert it back in the clock. What could go wrong with starting your day by catching a flying propeller in your bedroom?

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