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Yum Cha Chats: Slushii's favourite fashion designers out of Asia

A highlight into the fashion world & its influence to music

  • Slushii
  • 6 February 2022

When it comes to fashion, everyone has their own sense of style that matches their personality and let’s just say that Slushii truly has made his style one of his own to hone. Taking inspiration from his favourite city in Asia, Tokyo, Slushii has taken his travels to a whole new ballpark infusing it into his personal sense of style.

From his early hay days in high school, this dub-step, future bass artist has taken it upon himself to be inspired by the animated Japanese design aesthetic and sharp attention to detail into his world of artistry. His overall look and how he carries himself affects how others see him to how others interact with him on a daily basis as well — regardless of whether it's a bathing suit or a crazy Virgil piece. To him, as long as you’re comfortable in that moment “who cares what anyone else thinks?”

We’ve had a chance to ask Slushii what his top fashion tips are and one of his pieces of advice was “Always try new things! Even if you think a piece isn’t going to look good on you, try it on anyway. Or if an item doesn’t look like it’s going to work on you but you really like it, just wait until the next time you’re in the store.” And with that, we get into his top five picks of his favourite fashion designers out of Asia in our next Yum Cha Chats below.

“It might be no surprise that I'm a huge fan of collectables. My love for Japan can be perfectly conveyed with any of the various Bearbrick drops done in the last 20 years. Getting to create one with my good friend Jallal was really such a special moment in my life. I’m curious to see where we can push the designs for the next years to come and hope to create an ever-evolving ecosystem of collectables. The KAWS Kubrick is one of my favourite figures because they are my two favourite collectable designers.”

Yohji’s incredible ability of being able to combine traditional Japanese design with contemporary styles is something that I find appealing. Yohji’s use of drapey silhouettes and striking visuals that are applied to some of his pieces is what I love. My favourite pieces are the printed jackets from the AW 1991-1992 collection. I love the vintage advertising visuals and anything printed on a leather jacket is something I need in my wardrobe.”

Jun Takahashi never ceases to impress me with his versatility (the new warriors' collection S/S 19 I feel is the best example). I love his nods to punk culture and the rawness he brings with it. I have a pair of the 85 denim that I bought off Grailed last year and it’s such an unreal piece of fashion history. The jeans are inspired by crust punks and the ones they wore, these jeans would be patched up over time to create a truly one-of-a-kind pair that speaks to the story of that individual. Being able to express yourself in your own unique way is what got me into fashion and learning more about the inspiration behind these jeans made them an instant buy.”

Nigo is a streetwear legend. I grew up listening to Kanye and N.E.R.D. and they were always rocking the old school Bape. I love how visual-heavy and colourful the brand is. The camo print is just a classic staple of streetwear and always has a place in my wardrobe. My favourite piece in my Bape collection is the cotton candy Bape puffer!”

“With my style, I enjoy mixing the cute and fun Anime-inspired pieces with the more dark and edgy pieces. Just like in my music, I constantly try to blend different styles and motifs to further define my expression. Mastermind is definitely a go-to on the dark side. It’s the skull and crossbones with a strong emphasis on black that I feel creates pieces that draw the eye, make a statement, but are also super versatile matching any fit I throw with it. I have quite a few Mastermind pieces in my current rotation but the Sherpa jacket I wore at Hard Summer last year is definitely the standout piece in my collection.”

Slushii’s latest track ‘After Midnight’ featuring Mackenzie Sol comes in hot last month, have a listen here
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