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Yum Cha Chats: Hair-raising films for a nostalgic Halloween with GG Magree

Spooky weekend treats from GG Magree

  • GG Magree
  • 1 November 2020

Sunday’s are hard but can be made easier with unexpected delights — so here’s some fluff to get you through it. Inspired by a recent jaunt for dim sum with Miss Yellow in Hong Kong, allow us to deliver a new edition of Yum Cha Chats — which means let’s go eat dim sum and drink tea in Cantonese. The series will dig into the obscure and tasty 'fillings' you never knew about your favourite DJs and have nothing to do with music — every Sunday. Best enjoyed from bed…

It’s Halloween weekend, and if you’re not out raving, you’ve probably got a scary movie list to churn through with a healthy supply of blood-red wine and greasy popcorn to accompany you. There was only one person we could think of to turn to for a nostalgic, authentic and chilling list of hair-raising films, the Australian rock-heavy and grunge-loving producer, vocalist and DJ, GG Magree.

The high-octane performer from the Zeds Dead crew has a thirst for blood-curdling films and antics, from wicca and witchcraft to gore and filth. We dare you to scroll down and indulge in this binge-worthy selection of gruesome goodness. Happy Halloween!

The Craft

If you know me you know, I’m obsessed with Wicca, so for me this movie is my all time fav. I love that fashion and the whole 90s aesthetic. There’s nothing hotter to me than a group of girls who use witch craft to solve their problems e.g. destroy f*** boys, idiot girls and racists. As above, so Below — I live by these words.


The opening scene to me is one of the most memorable from a horror film. A hot Drew Barrymore making popcorn when she gets a threatening phone call from an evil Jack Nicholson sound-alike, and is then murdered on her family patio. To me I love this film because it plays along with the fact that the killers themselves idolise serial killers and make references to other slasher movies.

​I Know What You Did Last Summer

I remember seeing this at the movie theatre with my mum when I was young!. I loved Jennifer Love Hewitt, Ryan Phillipe, Freddy Prince Jr and Sarah Michelle Gellar so seeing them getting hunted by a mass murderer using a gigantic fisherman’s hook does it for me. Another reason as to why I love this film is the great use of light such as touches, car headlights and stage spotlights.

​The Shining

Massive Stanley Kubrick Fan over here! I'm also obsessed with the madness of Jack Nicholson, which to me no one has ever been able to rip off, and instead has been referenced time and time again in pop culture. The twins, the elevator of blood, REDRUM and the crazy nonsense writing. It has it all, not to mention it also has a fantastic script.


I love gore! And this is about as gory as it can get! Watching frat boys be mutilated in a foreign country does it for me, especially when they're vapid, racist, sexist and obnoxious pigs! I wouldn’t watch this if you get faint at the site of blood!

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