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Yum Cha Chats: Anabel Englund's 5 best albums for Sunday listening

The Californian artist has been charting a string of recent singles

  • Anabel Englund
  • 2 May 2021

Anabel Englund’s sound is entrancing in its dichotomy: often times bright and carefree with her authentic Southern California breeziness. Other times she is irresistibly alluring with her dark, smouldering touch. The singer-songwriter explores the dynamics of that captivating contrast with her debut album Messing with Magic.

"Messing with Magic can be a love story with someone else, but it also can be a love story with yourself,” Anabel prefaces. “It is also a nod to my songwriting process. When I write songs, at the time I think I’m writing about one thing. It isn’t until months later that I realise I was actually writing about all these underlying, deeper meanings that I couldn’t see at the time, making the lyrics feel more powerful and sincere.”

'Waiting For You' is Anabel's latest single with Yotto. Check it out here.

On the album tip, for this week's Yum Cha Chats, Anabel takes us through her 5 favourite long-players to set you in just the right mood you're looking on a Sunday.

Men I Trust 'Oncle Jazz'

I would start the day off with the album Oncle Jazz by Men I Trust, because it always gets me in a fun dancey mood. A standout song for me is 'Tailwhip' which is one of my all time faves & show me how......honestly I love them all, you can't really go wrong with this album.

SZA 'Ctrl'

The second album is Ctrl by SZA. A few of my faves are 'Love Galore', 'Prom' and '20 Something'. There is something about SZA, her voice, her songwriting that makes me feel like she is speaking right to my soul. I connect with so many people through this album. I love hearing everyone's favourites.

John Mayer 'Contiuum'

Continuum by John Mayer is perfect because it's chill & thought provoking. I listen to this album a lot when I paint or go on road trips. My favourite songs are 'I don't Trust Myself (With Loving You)' and my ABSOLUTE FAVE is 'Stop This Train'. It's about the journey of life & finding the beauty in the fact that time never stops. It's about him confronting the impermanence of things and making friends with it.

Solange 'When I Get Home'

When I get Home by Solange. I love how unique her music is and it always inspires me listening to her. A couple of my favourites from this album are 'Stay Flo', and 'Binz'. This is another album that is super fun for road tripping or just dancing around in your house alone or with a friend.

Madonna 'Music'

I would end the day by listening to Music by Madonna. It's an album that you can meditate to, journal to, dance to or cry to. It's perfect for a calm Sunday of reflecting and connecting with others or with yourself. Although I could say every song is my favourite the top three for me right now are 'Impressive Instant', 'I deserve it', and 'What It Feels Like For A Girl'.

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