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Watch a stunning trance set from Nifra on the clifftops of Masada Fortress

The Slovakian DJ performs a staggering sunset set from the UNESCO World Heritage site

  • 14 August 2023

The Masada National Park is one of the world’s most stunning locations home to little else but panoramic mountains and an ancient fortress atop the cliffs - a UNESCO World Heritage site steeped in history. It’s here, in the depths of Israel's Judaean Desert, that makes the perfect location for an atmospheric sunset set from one of the world’s biggest and brightest trance DJs.

Hailing from Slovakia, Nifra has become a global trance titan over the years with releases on the likes of Black Hole Recordings and Coldharbour, and now hosts her own radio show, Rebel Radio, each and every month. Her performances have travelled the globe from Las Vegas to Tomorrowland, teaming up with Tiede Nights last year to perform a once-in-a-lifetime set from the Dead Sea. Earlier this month, Nifra and Tiede Nights joined forces once again for a second, even more daring livestream.

“I knew I wanted to go back and record something together this year. I’ve seen some pictures and footage of Masada and as crazy as this idea was, I got in touch,” she says. “We are talking about a very special location that I can’t even believe we got permission to shoot. The result is breathtaking. I’m very excited about once again pushing the boundaries with an incredible team of people that worked on this project."

During her set from the Masada Fortress, Nifra performed her own tracks and unreleased cuts including a remix of Armin Van Buuren’s ‘Let You Down’, and the recently released ‘Like The Sky Is Falling’. Enormous trance classics echo and reverberate across the Judaean Desert’s sweeping mountains, soundtracking a picturesque sunset over the course of an hour.

This set comes from the team behind Tiede Nights, a livestreaming platform connecting the global underground with established artists, club owners, and promoters with a focus on new, creative projects. Speaking on their most recent project with Nifra, they explain: “Once again we give fans and viewers a high-quality performance in a stunning setting. We have overcome plenty of challenges to make this happen but that is sure to make it all the more enjoyable and exciting."

Watch this stunning trance set from Nifra on the clifftops of Masada Fortress below.

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