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The Layover

The Layover: Patrice Bäumel reminisces on Tokyo's hypermodernism & tonkotsu ramen

The techno globalist is itching to head back East

  • Patrice Bäumel
  • 1 April 2021

Trouw club resident and techno globalist Patrice Bäumel is very much a futurist both in his outlook on life, and his pursuit in music. Even during a pandemic time when most DJs will drop everything to jump on a stream, Patrice is avidly keen on playing to his fans, but he’s also spending his time diving deep into the music that he would normally not venture towards. Breaking boundaries and not getting stuck in a loop is of utmost importance to his creative cycle

So it’s no surprise that his inclination towards the experimental or the path of contrast, complements his admiration for cities like Tokyo. From immaculate detail, to minimalism derived by comfort, Patrice fully embraces the depth of culture that countries like Japan have to offer. Asia is one of his favourite places to tour, and he spoke to us about a few of the things that he’s dying to come back for, as soon as damn possible.

He’s a true internationalist, with a Congolese father, raised in East Germany and now living in Amsterdam. And Asia has become a part of his awakened DNA.

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