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The Layover

The Layover: M3SSIAH teases us with oriental indulgences from across China

China's EDM pioneer looks internally for inspiration

  • 24 December 2020

For this week’s edition of The Layover, we turn to China-based M3SSIAH, one of the early pioneers of the Mainland’s EDM scene. He’s teamed up and collaborated with the likes of Young Jack and Sonny Zamolo, and was a co-producer on the music for Jackie Chan flick, Vanguard. With China’s music scene being in a phase of infinite bloom, M3SSIAH’s mission is to keep on nurturing the mindset of club culture enthusiasts — his most recent project is ‘The Chosen One: Momentum’, a dance floor rager fit for the mainstages of China’s festival and club arena. But while not preoccupied in his bedroom studio, he’s been reminiscing on his travels across the greater region of China and his love for the island paradise of Sri Lanka. Join us on an indulgent trip with M3SSIAH for our last Layover over of 2020.

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